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Involuntary Contractions in the Eyelids and Face

  • There may be involuntary contractions in the eyelids and face. Generally, no specific reason can be found for the formation of these contractions.
  • Contractions may be in the form of involuntary contraction of the two eyelids together (blepharospasm). In this case, patients cannot open their eyes. Since the time and duration of the contraction are not clear, when the contraction occurs, the patient cannot see his surroundings and his life standards deteriorate.
  • In some patients, contractions occur in one half of the face, around the mouth (Hemifacial spasm).
  • Medications that relieve muscle contractions can be applied to areas with treated muscle contractions.

Do Involuntary Contractions on the Eyelids and Face Cause Pain?

Involuntary contractions of the eyelids and face are in the form of complete contractions. There is a tight closure of the eye and an inability to open it. They do not cause any pain.

How Do Involuntary Contractions Happen in the Eyelids and Face?

Involuntary contractions of the face, especially those of the eyelids, are often not clear.

In some patients, it may be secondary to dry eye. Therefore, these patients should be investigated in terms of dry eye.

This starts mildly at first, and over time, it may appear in the form of closure of the eye and difficulty in visual function during closure.

In these cases, the only treatment method is botulinum toxin applications.

Botulinum toxin applications eliminate the contractions in the lid for a period of approximately 3-6 months and may cause the patient to relax when the involuntary contractions of the face are eliminated.

But when the effect of the toxin wears off, the contractions start again. Some cases may not respond to botulinum toxin.

What are the Neurological Causes of Involuntary Contractions in the Eyelids and Facials?

In involuntary contractions of the eye and face, the general etiology of involuntary contractions of the eyelids has not been determined.

Involuntary contractions in both the eye and facial should definitely be investigated neurologically.

If there are nerve entrapments, especially if there are problems related to the nerves, especially if there are problems with the facial nerve, the neurological causes of facial contractions should be investigated.

Drug Applications for Relieving Muscle Contractions

The drug that relieves muscle contractions in the face area can be applied to eliminate crow's feet around the eyes, between eyebrows, forehead wrinkles and lines above the lips.

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