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Orbital Diseases

  • It is the pit formed by the facial bones of the orchid and contains the eyes and appendages.
  • Orbita, there may be tumors arising from intraorbital structures, as well as spreads to this region from diseases in the body. In these cases, cause-oriented treatments are performed.
  • There may be infections and inflammations.
  • Inflammatory diseases seen in the

  • Orbita may also be the first sign of a systemic disease.
  • Orbita space is of interest to him in traumas that occur in facial bones, since it is a pit consisting of facial bones.
  • Ocular involvement may also occur in thyroid (Goiter) disease.
  • One of the most important causes of eye involvement due to goiter is smoking in a patient.
  • Pain in eye movements, outward protrusion of the eyes, enlargement of the lid space, strabismus, infection in the pupil (keratitis), vision loss as a result of pressure on the optic nerve can be seen.
  • The treatment is based on the stage of the disease and the degree of ocular findings.

Orbital Tumor Surgery

Surgery for orbital tumors may not be performed in every patient.

In particular, if the tumor is pressing on the nerve, threatening the vision, causing a significant change in the eye, creating intentionality in eye movements, if this situation can be distinguished from benign or malignant, surgery should be performed accordingly.

In orbita tumor, the localization of the operation may change according to the localization of the operation tumor.

For example, in tumors that are in the inner part, the intervention from the inner part is mostly from the part of the eye close to the nose, and in the outer part, the interventions made from the outer part, from the bone edge, go all the way to the back of the eye and can be removed without damaging the tumor tissues.

Benign Orbital Tumor

There may be benign or malignant tumors of the orbit. The tumors we see more frequently are benign tumors.

Whether they are benign tumors or malignant tumors, the important thing is the effects on the eye. If it presses on the optic nerve and causes visual problems, the tumor should be removed in benign tumors.

Tumors can arise from any formation in the connective and bone tissue of the eye. They can originate from muscles, or from fat and connective tissue.

Or it can fill inside by originating from bone tissue.

After the orbita diagnosis is made after the examinations made according to the nature of the tumor, treatments should be performed according to the localization of the tumor.

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