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Almond Eye Aesthetics

It is the process of pulling the outer edge of the eye upwards and outwards.

Eliminating the eye expression that causes a sad and tired appearance, where the lower lid is generally inclined downward, can be achieved with almond eye aesthetic.

The procedure can be done permanently by surgery, or it can be done temporarily using organic threads.

In the surgical procedure, the outer edge of the eyelid, which we call the outer canthus, is the process of pulling the outer canthus upwards and outwards and suturing it to the bone membrane.

In almond eye aesthetics made with organic threads, threads are passed under the skin and the outer canthus is pulled upwards and outwards.

In this process, the effectiveness of the thread changes according to the absorption time of the threads in the body. With the absorption of the thread, the eye structure returns to its former shape.

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