Dr. Sevim Cakmak, MD
Eye Diseases Specialist

Dr. Sevim
Cakmak, MD

She deals with eyelid shape and movement disorders, eyelid tumors, lacrimal duct diseases and occlusions, eye irrigation in babies, prosthetic eye and orbital diseases.

Dr. Sevim CAKMAK, MD
Eye Diseases Specialist

Dr. Sevim Cakmak, MD

Eyelid drooping

Its upper lid is lower than normal. Congenital muscle and nerve diseases can be seen due to old age. A droopy eyelid can be very mild, or it can prevent vision when it is so advanced that it covers the pupil. Ptosis is treated surgically.

Prosthetic Eye

Eye loss may be the result of congenital lack of development of the eye, or it may be due to trauma, infection or tumor. In these cases, an implant is placed in the orbit, the orbit is filled, and a proper socket should be made for the prosthesis to sit on.


Droopy Eyelid

Ptosis is the lower eyelid
than normal.

Eyelash Root Inflammation

Eyelash follicle inflammation (blepharitis)
is seen frequently.

Eye Prosthesis
Enucleation - Evisceration

Eye and face traumas, eye infections can cause eye loss.

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